Maaf, Konten Yang Kamu Cari Tidak Ditemukan!

Kenapa file atau konten tidak ditemukan?

1. File atau konten sudah dihapus.

2. Kamu salah memasukan kata kunci atau judul, nama artis, dan lainnya.

3. Kamu memasukan kata kunci yang terlalu panjang.

4. Kamu memasukan kata kunci yang berulang-ulang.

5. Kamu memasukan kata kunci symbol bukan huruf.

6. File atau konten kemungkinan memang tidak ada hasil.

7. Silahkan cari kembali konten yang anda cari!


1. Travel industry experts warn US tourism could take major hit under Trump

President Trump’s proposed travel ban of citizens from seven majority-Muslim countries is weighing heavily on the tourism industry. Whether it’s individuals who want to see the U.S. or companies planning travel for corporate events, many in the industry are expecting fewer people to visit America in the foreseeable future.

Ally Bolour, a Los Angeles-based attorney who immigrated to the U.S. from Iran as a child in the 1970s, said he has friends overseas who now say they won’t come for a visit.

They want me to come to them, he told Fox News. The uncertainty of everything, and keeping people in suspense, keeps people from traveling. There's a chilling effect.

He added that he is advising his clients not to travel to the U.S. unless they absolutely must.

NYC & Company, which promotes tourism in New York City, announced Tuesday that it expects 300,000 fewer international travelers will visit New York this year, based on data from Tourism Economics. The report cited changing attitudes about traveling to the U.S. and Trump’s stance on immigration to be responsible for the decline.