Maaf, Konten Yang Kamu Cari Tidak Ditemukan!

Kenapa file atau konten tidak ditemukan?

1. File atau konten sudah dihapus.

2. Kamu salah memasukan kata kunci atau judul, nama artis, dan lainnya.

3. Kamu memasukan kata kunci yang terlalu panjang.

4. Kamu memasukan kata kunci yang berulang-ulang.

5. Kamu memasukan kata kunci symbol bukan huruf.

6. File atau konten kemungkinan memang tidak ada hasil.

7. Silahkan cari kembali konten yang anda cari!


1. Nintendo Switch online gaming service arriving in autumn 2017

Just like Microsoft and Sony, Nintendo, too, is throwing its hat in the online subscription service for its latest console, the Nintendo Switch, that will allow players to play online multiplayer games for a price.

If you have the console and install the Day 1 update, it will tell you that the service will begin some time in autumn 2017. Until then, existing players will be able to play online multiplayer games for free.

After the service starts, you will have to pay a fee to keep playing online. For your money, you will also get a free classic game every month. You will also get discounts on digital purchases made through the online store. All of this is similar to PS Plus and Xbox Live Gold although older Nintendo consoles could play online for free.