Maaf, Konten Yang Kamu Cari Tidak Ditemukan!

Kenapa file atau konten tidak ditemukan?

1. File atau konten sudah dihapus.

2. Kamu salah memasukan kata kunci atau judul, nama artis, dan lainnya.

3. Kamu memasukan kata kunci yang terlalu panjang.

4. Kamu memasukan kata kunci yang berulang-ulang.

5. Kamu memasukan kata kunci symbol bukan huruf.

6. File atau konten kemungkinan memang tidak ada hasil.

7. Silahkan cari kembali konten yang anda cari!


1. For stress, superfoods are better than comfort foods

Shopping, cooking and throwing parties can make the holidays a stressful time of year. When times get stressful, many of us find solace in traditional comfort foods, from savory macaroni and cheese to a big bowl of ice cream.

Though research suggests that certain foods can help reduce stress, it's actually not the high-fat and high-sugar comfort foods that do the trick. Rather, it's superfoods.

Superfoods are items that are found to provide health benefits beyond your basic nutrients, according to the National Institutes of Health.

Many of these 'superfoods' also work to boost glutathione in the body: an amino acid in charge of detoxification. So superfoods nourish and detoxify, and in this way, they combat stress, said stress expert Pete Sulack, author of Unhealthy Anonymous, a book about stress management and overall wellness.

The top superfoods that are recommended to munch on when feeling anxious are kale, broccoli, leafy greens, celery, nuts, oily fish like salmon, fermented foods like kimchi, herbs and spices, and organic berries high in vitamin C.