Maaf, Konten Yang Kamu Cari Tidak Ditemukan!

Kenapa file atau konten tidak ditemukan?

Lebih mudah dan lengkap di

1. File atau konten sudah dihapus.

2. Kamu salah memasukan kata kunci atau judul, nama artis, dan lainnya.

3. Kamu memasukan kata kunci yang terlalu panjang.

4. Kamu memasukan kata kunci yang berulang-ulang.

5. Kamu memasukan kata kunci symbol bukan huruf.

6. File atau konten kemungkinan memang tidak ada hasil.

7. Silahkan cari kembali konten yang anda cari!


1. Apple launches iPhone financing promo in Australia: 0% interest for 24 months and a $50 credit

Continuing its string of iPhone promotions recently, Apple has a new offer for its Australian customers. As of this week, you can order Apple products in Australia with 0% financing for 2 years. And, if you buy an iPhone on financing, you get $50 (Australian dollars obviously) in cashback.

The new terms were spotted by MacPricesAustralia. Apple mixes up its financing deals every few months and the offers regularly vary per region.

It seems to depend on the deals they make with local banks that ultimately are the institutions offering the 0% interest loans. Apple has partnered with Latitude Financial Services for this Australian deal.

To qualify for 0% interest over two years, the order must exceed $1000 AUD. However, customers can still qualify for six months interest free for orders between $150-$299, and one year interest free on orders above $300. It is currently Back to School season in Australia, and Apple says that those promotions are also eligible to be paid for with a 0% interest loan. See the website for full terms and conditions.

Apple says the $50 iPhone credit is available on all iPhone purchases. This means you can seemingly take advantage of the ‘limited time’ iPhone XS/XR trade-in offer and get $50 credit back by paying for the new phone with financing.

The website says that the deal will end March 4. Given Apple’s flexible schedules with other ‘limited time’ offers, it is possible that the deadline will be extended past that date.